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Mediation: third party facilitation to resolve conflict through mutual agreement or compromise

Divorce Financial Mediation

Divorce raises tough and highly personal financial questions in what often an emotionally charged time.  Divorce will be the largest financial transactions for many families, and one with long term implications.  Clear, objective, expert facilitation can reduce stress while improving financial outcomes for divorcing couples.  Cunningham combines mediation training with business and accounting expertise to help divorcing couples rapidly and fairly avoid and resolve financial disputes.

Mediation can be significantly less expensive than family court litigation while minimizing conflict that deepens animosity between the parties.  Mediation also offers the opportunity to negotiate tax smart, win / win resolutions that are often not always obtained in adversarial family court proceedings.  Mediation allows the parties to craft a fair financial arrangement that minimizes tax liabilities and aligns with personal financial planning objectives.

If you are having difficulty resolving financial aspects of divorce, Cunningham Consulting mediation may be for you.  Child custody questions should be agreed in advance.  For a fair, objective and knowledgeable mediator with family court experience email***

*** It is important to refrain from sharing specific details of the disagreement prior to signing a mediation agreement.  The mediation agreement will specify the nature and timing of communications with the mediator.  To get started, please inquire regarding availability and qualifications while providing only the parties' names, the nature of the dispute and identify any related entities (partners, owners, etc.) as well as any witnesses.  This information will be used to check for conflicts of interest and identify if I have existing relationships that should be disclosed.

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