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Confidential Document Submission

Current and prospective clients can use this form to submit documents for review.  The form can accept up to 10 photographs and 10 documents of 15 MB each.  If you have larger files, please email for instructions.  Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, and attached your documents, please scroll down to the bottom and click "Submit".  If you have more than 10 pictures or 10 documents you may continue submitting the form until all documents are loaded.  Please allow two days for a response.   

Terms and Conditions: Any services provided by Cunningham CPA are subject to a separate engagement letter. Submitting documents does not create an obligation or commitment to provide services. All submissions are treated as confidential.  Documents are protected using industry standard security and encryption methods, however, these methods can be defeated.  Cunningham CPA is not responsible for hacking or other unauthorized access. If you do not hear from us within two business days please call (619) 344 - 0404. 

Pictures: jpg, gif, png

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Documents: pdf .doc .xls

Doc 1
Doc 2
Doc 3
Doc 4
Doc 5
Doc 6
Doc 7
Doc 8
Doc 9
Doc 10

Thank you for submitting your documents! Have more? Just keep submitting.

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