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The following items will cover most tax situations for individuals and small business.  To ensure correct and optized tax returns, consultation is required for tax preparation services.


  • REQUIRED: Copy of your ID (photo ID/driver’s license) and copy of most recent tax return filed.

  • Voided check if you choose direct deposit / refund

  • Did you have any damage in excess of insurance?

  • Did your address change within the past year?

  • Were you notified or audited by the IRS over the past year?

  • Do you own a home for any part of the year?

  • Did you buy or sell a home? (Provide closing disclosure)

  • Any change in marital status or children / dependents?

  • If you made estimated tax payments (1040-ES) during the year, please provide dates and amounts.

  • Childcare expense records (including provider’s tax ID number, if applicable)

  • Charitable contributions, (up to $300 in cash donations deductible for individuals taking standard deduction in 2020)

  • Did you receive COVID relief stimulus checks ($600 or $1200 plus dependents)?

  • Did you or a dependent attend school or have student loan interest in 2020?

Income Check List (Identify all that apply and provide documents where available)

  • Wages from job - Include W2 or 1099 MISC / NEC

  • Interest income - Include Form 1099-INT

  • Dividend income - Include Form 1099-DIV

  • Brokerage account – Include form 1099-B

  • Unemployment Income (Form 1099-G)

  • Social security - Include Form 1099-SA

  • Retirement accounts – 1099-R

  • Any accounts outside the USA? Or any Bitcoin / virtual currencies?  Please state yes or no.

  • Unemployment compensation - Include 1099-G

  • Schedule K1s

  • Cash or checks received.

Business Activity

  • Were you or your spouse self-employed?

  • Was part of your home used regularly and exclusively for business?

  • Did you start, purchase, or sell a business, rental property, or farm?

  • Was an automobile purchased or used by you in the process of earning income?

  • Did you acquire or sell any interest in any partnership or S corporation?

  • Did you rent out any property for more than 14 days during the year?

  • Did you or your spouse perform any work outside of the U.S?

  • Records of all expenses — check registers or credit card statements, and receipts

  • Business-use asset information (cost, date placed in service, etc.) for depreciation.

  • Did the business take any PPP or EIDL loans for COVID?

  • Were you or your employees required to quarantine or care for self or family members due to COVID?

  • Was your self employment or other business activity impacted by COVID?


  • Please attach Form 1095-A, 1095-B, or 1095-C showing your coverage if applicable

  • Did you have any transactions related to a health savings account (HSA) or medical saving account (MSA)? If so, include all Forms 1099-SA and/or 5498-SA.

  • Did you pay out of pocket for health insurance premiums, prescription drugs, doctor, and dentist visits, etc.?



  • Did you make contributions to a retirement account (401k, IRA, IRA SEP)? Please provide for 5498 if available

  • Did you receive any payments from a pension or annuity plan?

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