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Clear, Accurate Answers to Complex Financial Questions

Cunningham CPA supports resolution of complex financial matters including bankruptcy, divorce, commercial and tax controversies.


Cunningham handles a variety of bankruptcy related assignments helping clients evaluate impacts and solvency, prepare relevant schedules and tax returns, and conducting work approved by the court.


Divorce is the largest financial transactions of most marriages.  We can help divorcing parties find tax smart and equitable ways to divide property.  Cunningham can work as a financial mediator or support resolution of litigation.

Commercial Controversy

Cunningham prepares and presents expert opinions regarding contract billing, damages, "but for" analysis and can rebut the work of others when they make errors.


Cunningham conducts financial forensic investigations covering a wide range of issues.

Jonathan was a pleasure to work with and provided structured expertise that strongly supported the SAP teams overall success. I am glad to recommend to other clients.

                                           - Chuck L. 

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