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ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

Digital Transformation Consulting


Digital Transformation is Business Transformation.  Cunningham provides consulting services to support implementation of large complex enterprise applications and business transformation initiatives, especially large SAP Digital Transformation programs.  These programs consistently stretch and challenge the organizations pursing them.  Success requires a major commitment of time, money and people over a sustained period of time.

Despite its reputation for being "hard", transformation can be easy with the right approach.  Contact Cunningham today to

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Cunningham leverages decades of experience helping companies succeed with Business Transformation to provide the following types of support:

1.       Leadership Coaching

2.       Business case development and tracking

3.       Program governance and oversight

4.       Development of project management policies, procedures and metrics

5.       Independent project reviews and recovery

6.       Project management

7.       Executive coaching

8.       Organizational Change Management (OCM) planning and support

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